I haven’t really been blogging and to be honest my dinner dishes recently have lost inspiration. I’ve made an awesome Green Thai Curry about 4 times in a month – because it’s tasty and more importantly quick. (I will post it eventually I promise).

When I have been baking I have been using my new Kenwood Chef Mixer, which I love and I am sure you will hear much about in the run up to Christmas! But to reduce stress I have been remaking old recipes, and while fantastic I don’t like reposting.

I’ve been so busy because I have been sorting stuff out for the wedding. Everything else has been dropped. I send emails in my lunch break, then I work some more. I run home, make a quick dinner, some nights I run out to yoga, others I spend on the phone to my parents discussing how many bottles of wine we need and who shouldn’t sit beside who. Then I will send more emails to caterers, the venue, make up artist (who knew I would ever need or want one of these?), jewellery makers, anything and everything necessary for a wedding. Then bed. Repeat.

Nobody can live like this for too long, so this weekend, the last before the big day, I promised I would relax. Yesterday we went out for our last evening meal booked in my maiden name, and today we are planning a long walk and a lovely lunch.

Hope you all have a lovely week, wish me luck!