January is typically the time of year where you make heaps of resolutions. But now we are into February, how many have you kept?

Like most people I wanted to start to eat healthier and work out more. At both of these I failed miserably.

Kohlrabi and Corn Salad
No salads eaten…

My eating habits have been extremely poor. First of all we had the mound of Christmas sweets to eat – and I rather mistakenly thought that eating through them as fast as I could was the best way to solve the problem. Not so, when we finished those we just bought more 🙁

This wouldn’t have been so bad had I not also fallen into a rut with cooking. When I say rut, I really mean, avoiding cooking altogether. I would pull meals together on the weekend that required some effort, but during the week we would have frozen pizzas, pastas and takeaways.

But resolutions don’t have to be just at the start of January, you can start (and keep) a resolution on any day in any month of the year. Don’t put it off.

However the 1st of February is a nice round time to start back into it. We’ve said goodbye to the most depressing month of the year, we are all firmly back into the swing of school and work, really there is no excuse!

So let’s re-kick off the new New Year. Remake all our resolutions. This time we keep them.

If like me, you are trying to eat better, here are some good healthy recipes to try.

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