I was lucky enough to receive a “The Connoisseur” Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat, earlier this month to try.

The box was impressive, highlighting the quality of the chocolate within, no thin cardboard boxes here. This chocolate egg is well protected.

Boxed Connoisseurs Extra Thick Easter Egg

This isn’t your average run of the mill chocolate easter egg, it is an extra thick dark chocolate easter egg.

Unboxing of the Extra Thick Connoisseurs Easter Egg

Each half of the extra thick shell, is a different type of dark chocolate, one being 66% Sambirano Valley Dark Chocolate from Madagascar and the second being 82% Hacienda Iara Dark from Ecuador. Within each half is a set of mini truffle “egglets”.

Half Connoisseurs Easter Egg, containing truffle egglets

I have to start by saying the egglets are super cute, perfect little mini eggs some filled with praline, the others with truffle.

Connoisseurs Easter Egg, with Egglet Truffles

Half Eaten Chilli Easter Egglet

While each was delightful in it’s own way, my favourite was by fair the Habanero Chilli Truffle Egglet. To be honest I knew it would be from the minute I looked at the menu. The outer shell was very lightly spiced however the truffle was much spicier really opening up all the flavours. Even better I knew my husband would avoid these, so they were left all to me 🙂

Extra Thick Connoisseurs Easter Egg

The extra thick egg was also satisfying, it takes a fair amount of strength to break off a chunk of chocolate, but it is well worth the effort. This isn’t the sort of egg you eat all in one go on Easter Sunday, this is the sort of easter egg where you spread it out over the weeks, savouring each bite.

Thinking about buying an Easter Egg for your special dark chocolate connoisseur? The Extra Thick Connoisseur Easter egg is the perfect choice.

If you are looking for more of a home-made Easter this year, you can also follow my instructions for homemade Chocolate Easter Eggs.

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