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Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder

So I have been sort of AWOL recently. But I have been more than busy, I don’t stop blogging for just any reason! After 3 years of searching and about a million viewings, we have finally bought our own flat! We got the keys on Friday.

Building a home for us is something we have dreamt of for so long that finally being here, doesn’t feel quite real. It’s like we are playing house.

It’s been hectic, we’ve been redecorating. My hands (and if I’m perfectly honest my face too) is covered in specks of paint. I have umpteen bruises – I dropped a tub of pollyfilla on my ankle. My back is killing me from hunching over to paint the skirting boards. In between coats of paint, we are moving our stuff, slowly, from one flat to the other. At the end of the day I collapse into a heap, but I am more than content.

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Slow Cooked Chicken Pilaf with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Being on holiday is wonderful, your bed gets made for you, there is no cleaning to do, and you don’t have to make your own meals. Unfortunately I kind of enjoy making my own food!

After a week when the only vegetables I saw were between a burger and a bun it was necessary to get some vegetables and healthy food into me. Lunch today was a large salad, not unlike this Tomato and Red Pepper Salad, the crisp fresh lettuce leaves were a world away from the pale limp ones I found inside any burger.

Chopped Sun-dried Tomatoes

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Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

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Slow Cookers are under-rated and I use mine less often than I should, however I have learnt that when it comes to cooking a meal for a large number of people nothing beats them.

On New Years Eve I got up at 9 o’clock in the morning, and put my lime sorbet in the freezer and started preparing my main. By 9.30 am the main meat part of my meal needed no further preparation from me (well not until half an hour before serving).

This gave me plenty of time to make all the delicious additions to my Mexican themed evening.

Pulled Pork Fajitas

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Slow Cooked Lentil and Vegetable Curry

Getting up early isn’t one of my strong points, so you know I must be excited about a new recipe when I jump out of bed to get it started. (I have only done this once before, for my ill-fated bba bagels.)

Cooking before work is a strange experience, I always end up in the twinned positions of being rather smug that I have been so productive but also cutting it very very fine for my first meeting of the day. With slow cooking however you have little choice, if you want a slow cooked meal ready for coming home to – you have to make sacrifices.


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Slow Cooked Pork Chops with Apple

Slow Cooking is back! After a few months in the back of the cupboard it is time for my slow cooker’s place back on the countertop once more. I only bought my slow-cooker towards the end of spring so I am still getting used to this new method of cooking.


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