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Easy Mexican Wrap Pizzas

Every couple of weeks I make a mexican themed dinner, usually chicken fajitas or tacos. Making them for two tends to mean leftovers – however hard we try we don’t seem to be able to finish 4 fajitas each, or 12 taco shells!!

So often I put the leftovers in the fridge only to throw out 5 days later when I realise I am never going to eat them now. It feels a bit rubbish to be throwing out little bits of so many different things, especially after reading The Everlasting Meal over Christmas.

So yesterday I went into the fridge and pulled out all the bits and pieces of leftover mexican food from mid-week. There were two corn wraps, half a tin of refried beans, a quarter of a jar of hot salsa and an orange pepper (along side the usual fridge staples of eggs and cheese).

Easy and Quick Mexican Wrap Pizzas

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Tomato and Broad Bean Salsa

I always find it hard to decide what to pair with dishes so packed full of vegetables, like the Mexican Vegetable Burgers I made last week. As the burgers were quite filling, potatoes or chips wouldn’t do. So the only other options was a salad or since it was a spicy salad with Mexican burgers – a salsa.

The broad beans, I’ll admit aren’t exactly authentic for a salsa however they worked well, and it turned out a really tasty way to eat them. Plus I liked the colours.

Tomato and Broad Bean Salsa

Tomato and Broad Bean Salsa

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Macaroni Cheese and Salsa

It’s been a long running tradition that when I have to make dinner just for me, I make Macaroni Cheese. It’s a treat because my fiancee hates cheesy things so when he’s not around I go overboard. However Macaroni Cheese is just a bit on the plain side, it was perfect when I was a kid, but now I am looking for something that vaguely contains a vegetable in my dinner – that’s where the salsa comes in.


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