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Easy Mexican Wrap Pizzas

Every couple of weeks I make a mexican themed dinner, usually chicken fajitas or tacos. Making them for two tends to mean leftovers – however hard we try we don’t seem to be able to finish 4 fajitas each, or 12 taco shells!!

So often I put the leftovers in the fridge only to throw out 5 days later when I realise I am never going to eat them now. It feels a bit rubbish to be throwing out little bits of so many different things, especially after reading The Everlasting Meal over Christmas.

So yesterday I went into the fridge and pulled out all the bits and pieces of leftover mexican food from mid-week. There were two corn wraps, half a tin of refried beans, a quarter of a jar of hot salsa and an orange pepper (along side the usual fridge staples of eggs and cheese).

Easy and Quick Mexican Wrap Pizzas

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Bacon and Broccoli Pizza – Fresh from the Oven

This month I am hosting the Fresh from the Oven challenge! As you probably know, or can guess, Fresh from the Oven is a monthly bread baking group, where we have tried everything from Croissants to chocolate buns to no-knead bread.

So why oh why out of all the breads I could have chosen did I go for pizza?

Pizza Napoletana topped with Broccoli and Bacon

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Whole Wheat Pizza

Often we food bloggers forget how to do simple we start caramelising our pears and over egging the omelette. Sometimes simple is just as good as our over the top attempts at chef quality food, sometimes simple can be even be better.

Wholewheat Pizza

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Grilled Vegetable Pizza Toasts

Not revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, but this a quick dish that uses mainly store cupboard ingredients but can use up leftover meats and vegetables.


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