To start off if you are in the UK – don’t panic! Mother’s Day has already been and gone for 2013. If you are based in the US and you haven’t got a gift yet – feel free to panic!

But I am here to help, if you are still looking for some last minute ideas for gifts. Here’s my top list:

A Camellia Plant, every couple of years my Mum would ask for a Camellia as a gift for Mother’s day. At the time I never got it, why would you want a plant? Games, make up, pair of shoes – that I could understand. However as I have started to grow a little older I have started to see the appeal.

I have one in my garden and it’s the first non-spring bulb plant to flower every year. That blast of high impact colour is so cheery, it makes me hugely happy!

Camellia Plant

I love that even when it’s really windy, which essentially rips the heads of the flowers, you end up with beautiful large pink petals covering the lawn.

Mother’s Day Scones scones always go down well in my family – I made these back in March for my Mother-in-law. They are super easy to make, transport and are so tasty.

Scones with Jam and Cream

These are best eaten on the day they were made, still slightly warm from the oven.

Scottish Tablet, is a great home made gift that you can make ahead, and even send through the post if you still have the time.

For those who don’t know – it’s like a harder type of fudge. However this is not for someone on a diet. Even a small square is like a bazillion calories, but with a cup of coffee it can be delightful to nibble on.

A good book, would always go down well with my Mum, however I have read very little recently that I would actually want to give to my Mum (ehm… 50 shades…). My Mum and I both enjoy historical fiction, so these two books are both firmly in that category.

Mrs Robinson’s Disgrace: The Private Diary of a Victorian Lady

The Potter’s Hand

Lastly the exciting kitchen equipment category of gift. If your Mum likes entertaining, a slate cheeseboard may be the perfect gift. Get some chalk to go with it, so she can write beside each cheese what it is!

Slate Cheese Board Large

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s day? Do you have great book recommendations, I would love to try them! Let me know in the comments.

I am @coffeemuffins on twitter.