I am finally home, and after almost a week away there is only one thing I want. A home cooked meal, and maybe if you’ll give me a second option – some sleep!

Atlanta was wonderful and I met so many great people, including Nancy a fellow food blogger from The Dogs Eat the Crumbs. As some of you may know I am an almost anonymous blogger, so it was lovely to meet another food blogger – to be able to talk about what we do.

Nancy and I

Nancy was lovely and showed me some of the best bakeries in town, and a lovely tour of the city. She even gave me a present.

Girl Scout Cookies Box - Thin Mints

Close Up Mint Thin

Half eaten Mint Thin

My previous knowledge of girl scout cookies was limited to that episode of friends where Ross breaks a girls leg and has to sell them. It was really good to finally try one, they are pretty good, and survived the trip back to the UK well. Thanks Nancy!

If you are in Atlanta then you really need to try a Southern breakfast. We did most mornings at the Silver Skillet, which is a traditional American diner.

Inside the Silver Skillet

I even tried Grits, which is like a Southern polenta, made from ground corn. I have to say I didn’t like it very much…

Outside the Silver Skillet

We had a great time in Atlanta, ate some great food, met some cool people, but boy am I glad to be home now 🙂